What is Software Crisis FULL EXPLAIN

The Software Crisis was a term Used in Early days of Software Engineering before it was a well Established Subject the term was used to describe the impact of Rapid Increase in Computer Power and the Complexity of the Problem.

What are the Reasons of Software Crisis
Symptoms of Software Crisis

It Refers to the difficulty of Writing Correct Understand able and Verify able Computer Program, the Root of Software Crisis are Complexity Expectation and Changes in the Environment during the Year 1962-1970 it becomes clear that…

  • Construction of Large Program is more difficult than Small Program.
  • Hardware is no longer the most Important factor.
  • A Program is not a static entity but it evolves in time due to changes in Requirement and Environment.

Symptoms of Software Crisis

  • Software are more Expensive than Hardware.
  • Difficult to change debug and enhance.
  • Development Cost Increase the budget.
  • Use of Resources is not Optimum.
  • Fails to meet User Requirement.
  • Scheduling and Costing of a project dose not match with the actual.
  • Late delivery of the Software.
There are the Symptoms of Software Crisis.

What are the Reasons of Software Crisis

  • Rapidly Increase in Problem Size.
  • Lack of Training in Software Engineering Technique.
  • Less Skill Team Members.
  • To Productivity Improvements.
  • Lack of Communication between Software Developers and Users.
  • Project Management Problem.
  • Lack of Good Understanding of Problem and its Environment.

These are Reason for Software Crisis



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